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"Kelsey Brown is Broadway ready. Her nicely textured creation of Girl grabs and holds the audience. She has a good take on subtle comedy. Her singing voice and acting talents are well-honed. Her Czech dialect, developed under the coaching of Matthew Koenig, was clear, crisp and easy to understand. Her piano playing added a special dimension to her performance."

-Roy Berko at Cool Cleveland

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"Brown’s captivating portrayal of Girl, manifests hope and radiates love. Brown and Slater make a such dream duo, both strong and confident, that it’s hard to believe they are still college undergraduates."

-Laura Kennelly at Cool Cleveland

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"while the ensemble’s harmonies are amazing, it’s Slater and Brown who stand out with absolutely stellar performances. Slater and Brown each possess an astounding amount of raw talent, musically and in terms of acting. Sharing the stage, they equal the chemistry and passion of the original duo of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, the film’s original composers."

-Roman Macharoni at CleveScene

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"With what is basically a two person show, the leads are infinitely important. They couldn’t have been better cast and more perfectly paired than at Beck Center. (In fact, I liked Jake Slater and Kelsey Brown even better than Hansard and Irglova). The interplay with Brown’s pure lilting vocals and piano on the Grammy winning “Falling Slowly,” made for the high point of the show… suggesting great potential in the beginning, and bittersweet resignation in the finale."

-Lauren DeMarco at The Plain Dealer

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